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Hi, my name is Caleb Breakey, the Founder and CEO of SpeakItToBook.com. 

I’ve collaborated on books and writing projects with 6-, 7-, and 8-figure earners. 

And no—I’m not some hip internet marketer or guru looking to slap together half-hearted books. 

I’m a writer first and foremost, traditionally published and award-winning in both fiction and non-fiction, a teacher at conferences across the nation, and former award-winning journalist of numerous star athletes and musicians.

Why is this important? 

Because a lot of self-proclaimed "book experts" are popping up claiming that they can help you write a book lightening quick, make you an international best-selling author, and on and on. 

Know what a real writer thinks of that? 


Slick salesmanship. 

And terribly written books that destroy the author's brand and prestige. 

Oh, and for those claiming that they will make you a best-seller? Ridiculous. 

Anyone can make you a best-seller for a day for a few hundred bucks. Big deal. 

It's not about hitting the top of the charts for a day. It's about keeping your book at the top of the charts.

Rule #1: Always know the writing resume of the person offering to help you in publishing. 

Did they ever truly study the craft? Do they know what it takes to publish traditionally—and why it's important to know before self-publishing? Has writing been their passion from the beginning? Or did they just happen to be good enough at business and marketing to start a pseudo writing firm, make sensational claims, and start taking people's money?  

The world doesn't want that. And neither do you. 
Expect Greatness, by John Hawkins
The Phoenix Manifesto, by Anthony Spark
That said, yes, I also know how to market books—really well. 

In fact, I stopped writing for four years to learn how to market because I was tired of leaning on traditional publishers who had no idea how to sell books (outside of throwing dollars at a generic marketing plan and hoping something would stick). 

That’s not smart.  

✧ That’s not how we do things at Speak It To Book ✧

Listen, I know you've probably had people approach you about writing your book for you. 

Let me tell you why you should choose us instead. 

We do not just write books. We do not just launch books. We do not just build platforms and make our authors' ideas famous.

We do ALL of it. 

And we ONLY do it for the right reasons. 

What do I mean? Let me tell you a story.

I was recently challenged by the book, "Your One Word," to discover what we're about as a company. 

I ended up on "Famous" (known about by many people).

The author then says to add context and clarity to that word by adding three more words. I ended up on:

1. Virtuous (showing high moral standards). 

2. Transformational (causing a marked change in humanity)

3. Significance (the quality of being worthy of fame)

Speak It To Book is a company that finds people who Show High Moral Standards and whose ideas will cause a Marked Change in Humanity and prove themselves Worthy of Fame. 

Is that you? 

Then why don’t you join the ranks of our other high-profile clients, such as: 

►► Grant Cardone (PDF)

►► 8-figure Internet Marketing Nerd Paul Getter (Web copy)

►► Proctor & Gamble's Corporate Storyteller, Shane Meeker (full-length book)

►► Influential Transformation Church pastor, Michael Todd (full-length book). 

PDF created for Business Tycoon, Grant Cardone
PDF created for 8-figure Internet Marketer, Paul Getter
So if you are an entrepreneur or pastor without enough time or energy to write your book...

If you wish you could find your ideal readership without having to build your own platform...

If you've ever wanted to talk with an industry expert to map out your future as an author...

Let's talk.
"If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. Speak It To Book puts you at ease and makes the process so painless and pleasant."

— Barbara Carneiro, Owner of 412 Lab and Word Revolution
"Caleb is extremely professional, thorough, and is an expert at bringing all the pieces together. I am extremely confident that I will be having Caleb and his team do one or two books a year for me going forward." 

— John Hawkins, Building Effective Leaders
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Meet our leader, 
Caleb Breakey
Caleb Breakey is one of the nation's leading Book Directors. His accolades include: 
  • CEO of SpeakItToBook.com and SermonToBook.com
  • 7-Figure Internet Marketer specializing in building up influencers, thought leaders, and industry celebrities.  
  • Traditionally published in non-fiction (ECPA Book Award finalist) and fiction (Genesis winner)
  • Graduate of the CWG Craftsman Course 
  • Teacher at writing conferences across the nation
  • Award-winning journalist and interviewer of numerous star athletes and musicians.